Story research time: Drawings by Olaus Magnus, 1555, depicting various happenings in Saami life at the time. Images yanked from the SaamiBlog flickr set, where you can find more detailed captions. Unfortunately I was too tired to google deeper for uncropped images… I was bitten by the research bug thanks to MedievalPOC and decided to Google some old depictions of the Saami for inspiration and because the picture of two men and a woman hunting is usually the only one used in history book illustrations.

First row
Left: Saami people praying to a banner hung on a pole, attended by a bunch of wild animals and heavenly bodies.
Right: Saami wedding ceremony finalized with fire-lighting.

2nd row: The iconic drawing of two Saami men and one woman hunting on skis, with bows and spears and a dog.

Third row
Left: Armed Saami men, apparently up to no good.
Right: Saami couple skiing to church with their kids in baskets on their backs??? (This is weird, because I’ve never heard of Saami ppl carrying children on their backs, our cradleboards are different and only house one child at a time)

Fourth row: Saami men making a boat (I would guess on the seaside).

Fifth row
Left: Fur-clad Saami men practicing archery.
Right: Some stuff happening during full moon, including a nightly ride on a reindeer

Sixth row
Left: Saami trading goods with the Russians.
Right: Saami tricking a pirate ship to run aground, and I would guess about to loot it (this was a livelihood of the Finns living by the Baltic Sea as well).